At RMA, we have established criteria for the performance of our senior mortgage agents that most in the industry consider as the pinnacle of professional conduct. Quick responses to your mortgage needs, complete explanations of mortgage details and structuring a complicated financing package are all part of the home financing transaction of today. Our agents have years of mortgage experience, are renowned for high levels of customer service and have an in depth knowledge of the mortgage industry. We are well equipped to provide you with the all the information you need to make an informed decision to satisfy your mortgage needs. George Labatia is here to help you with all your mortgage needs; first time home buyers, mortgage renewals, refinancing options or investment properties.


    Financing Condition Explained

    A Financing condition is part of your agreement of the purchase and sale. It gives the buyer a period of time to confirm they are able to obtain financing that is appropriate for their specific needs and requirements on their new home purchase. In most instances, the period of time that your mortgage agent/broker will … Continue reading “Financing Condition Explained”

    First Time Buyer Plan

    Step 1: Figure out how much you can afford. Falling in love with a house you can’t afford can be heartbreaking. Avoid disappointment by figuring out your budget before you start looking.  First, decide how much you can afford for your down payment. The Home Buyers Plan lets you withdraw up to $20K per person … Continue reading “First Time Buyer Plan”

    Mortgage Agent Vs Banks

    If you could save your client money by giving them a second option for their mortgage would you? 🤷‍♂️ Let’s be honest. You would not go to a car dealership and buy the first vehicle you see so why should you take the first option for your mortgage. Our clients need to be educated that there are … Continue reading “Mortgage Agent Vs Banks”


    Apply Now for a pre-approved RMA mortgage now and start enjoying the convenience and negotiating leverage that RMA provides. All information you supply is completely secure and will be held in the strictest confidence. Once you have received your pre-qualification from us, we’ll help you find a lender with the most competitive rates who will issue your prequalification certificate. After a brief telephone contact from George discussing options, and requesting you to send proof of income and employment, you can be “pre-qualified” – quickly and easily.



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